MJD Paintball Memberships

$200 memberships

 Field set to open First week in May – Mail out will be sent to all current members. You can also enter your email address below to receive updates from the website. This is a great way to stay up to date with tournaments, special games and events and dates and times of games.


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Closing date – mother nature will decide usually sometime in November. We may have special winter games, you can get informed of special games by entering your email in the box above.

 Your membership includes:

-50% off the entry fee for the Spring Zinger and the Muskoka Adrenaline Tournament

-Free admission to everyday field play – Thursday thru Monday daily games at 9:30am and 1:30pm, call ahead to book

-Free CO2 and HPA Fills

-Member’s rates on Paintballs – 6cents a ball

-Designated members day – Mondays 50% off paintballs

-Member’s lockers available (limited space)

-Membership cards will be mailed and need to be presented for access


Membership Rules:

Mask/Goggles MUST be on at all times, Except in safe zones


All Paintballs must be purchased at MJD Paintball, no off field paintballs allowed


Obey all Field rules – Members must set a good example, others will follow


Courtesy and Fair play Always – Treat others, as you would like to be treated


No Paint Sharing – Membership pricing is for members ONLY, do not share your paint with non-members


Field Rules and Regulations

  1. NO player shall play unless they have a valid properly signed and dated waiver.
  2. The membership is for fun and excitement, courtesy and sportsmanship is expected and appreciated. No fighting.
  3. People caught cheating repeatedly will be asked to leave for that day. Fair Play is expected at all times.
  4. NO ALCOHOL is to be consumed anywhere on the premises.
  5. Referee’s call is final.
  6. This is a bush – Beware the natural dangers, wildlife and vegetation that exist.
  7. No bunkering, fighting, profane language or dangerous acts. Children play this sport as well. Intimidation is not allowed.
  8. BANNED FOR LIFE – Willfully engaging in a physical fight
  9. BANNED FOR LIFE – Threatening Referee or Staff

10.  Mercy rule in effect (approx. 25’)

11.  The Player(s) found with foreign paint will be removed from all games for the remainder of the day.

12.  DO NOT REUSE PAINT BALLS FOUND ON GROUND. Sand or dirt will jam guns and cause damage.

13.  You will be expected to pay for damaged equipment and/or personal property due to negligence or willful misconduct.

14.  No diving into bunkers. You may harm yourself or someone else.

15.  All rules posted at the office must be followed including but not limited to Bush hazards, safety, parking & environmental conservation.

 Breaking any of these rules could cost you the balance of your membership